In this New York Times bestseller, Sophia Amoruso shares her experiences starting and building one of the fastest retailers in the world.  Her story starts in her teens when she could have been found diving through dumpsters, hitchhiking and scrounging for food.  By the the time she was 22, she was broke, out of school and without direction in life.

She took a job checking ID’s in an art school lobby and that was where she decided to begin selling vintage clothing on ebay.

Fast forward ten years to today where she is currently the executive chairman and founder of Nasty Gal, a $100 million plus fashion retailer.  #GIRLBOSS shares her unusual perspective, people with quirky, personalities will appreciate her voice in the wind.  She took the road less traveled and there was many people along the way who may have blown her off track if it wasn’t for her strong personality and enduring will.

Her book shares her perspective on the business world as a young woman who jumped in and took charge.  She shares her inside view on the fashion industry and helps young people to see a little of how things work.  Sometimes you need to follow the rules and sometimes it’s better to throw the rules out the window.

Sophia wasn’t a traditional CEO and her unique path to success is an inspiration for people who may feel like they don’t fit in.  Being unique can be a powerful asset and learning about Sophia’s success and the path that she took is very empowering for creative people.

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